ChiNeko is now ChiMia

When I first began making clothes on Second Life I had a vision of this grand Neko store for women. As I started to create more and more items I began to make other clothes too. Pants, tops, dresses, intimates, shoes… I found out I love making a lot of different clothing items for women, not just neko. After a while I paid less and less attention to neko, and now it’s been over a year since my last neko release. I hate to say it, but I’m no longer interested in making neko.

So that has lead to a big transformation: a new name and brand.

ChiNeko is now ChiMia

The neko is gone and new mesh items are in. I’ll be making & selling both prim and mesh clothing. Mesh is great but still a bit buggy, and prims are still loved and used. I’ve decided to do both. There are new mesh pants and dresses in the stores right now, and more on the way.

More big changes are in the works. I have a new vendor board system which allows purchasing as a gift, customer rewards, search, gift cards, and more. Affiliates will have these boards soon. I’m testing them out with a few affiliates now.

Action steps for you


Please follow that blog above from now on.

I have a new group in-world as well:  (copy and paste in local chat) secondlife:///app/group/5fa4cceb-f3e7-e3e1-d379-4548e8df52ee/about

If you subscribed with the hippoGROUP subscriber on the walls, then you don’t need to do anything. I’ll still be using that.

That’s all for now. I’ll see you over at ChiMia.

ChiMia at Harmony Mall

The main store has gotten a makeover and I’m loving it!


Halloween Madness Hunt – October

It’s time for another scavenger hunt!

This time I joined a kids store hunt for my school uniform shop in Magic Dreams’ Diagon Alley. My clothing and uniforms there would be great for pre-teen and teenage avatars so the hunt seemed very fitting.

There are supposed to be 100 stores in this hunt so it’s a big one! This is a good chance to get a lot of great freebies for kids.

The Halloween Madness Hunt is run by Epic Fail Adult Hunts and the blog is at

Stop by the store and find a little ghost with some great Halloween t-shirts I made just for the hunt.

Something is happening at ChiNeko

Chiyo can be seen bustling about with shopping bags, armfuls of clothing, moving furniture, and looking stressed yet excited…

Yes, something big is about to happen at ChiNeko. The stores may be a bit weird and messy right now.

To make up for it, there’s SALES going on. I’m going to set many individual items to a low L10 and L20.

Also keep an eye out for new items that will sneakily be placed out before a big announcement…

Store locations

Get This Look! Valerie BabyDoll and Roxy Jeans

Put your look together at ChiNeko for an affordable price with mix-and-match items starting at just L20.

The model shown here is wearing these items:

shirt: Valerie babydoll top in purple…

pants: Roxy jeans in black…

shoes: Tabitha flats in purple…

Get This Look! Angel Halter and Jeans

Get ready for a casual date night or just for looking your best while feeling comfy. Put your look together at ChiNeko for an affordable price with mix-and-match items starting at just L20.

The model shown here is wearing these items:

top: Angel halter top in yellow…

pants: Nancy jeans…

shoes: Tabitha flats in yellow…

Be my neighbor at Harmony Live Music Venue Shops

I logged in today and noticed that some super cute shops are now available near me at my new main store at Harmony. This is a great chance for anyone who is looking to open a store! I just had to spread the word.

This mall is extremely cute with great decorations and nice foot traffic. Plus the owners are very nice and helpful.

Take a look at some of these shops available.

School Daze Hunt Sept 7-28 2012

August scavenger hunts are over, but it’s time for a back to school hunt: School Daze.

ChiNeko is #12 on this hunt. Stop by the mainstore and search for a pencil to get your free unisex sweater & collared shirt combo, plus take a look at the variety of school uniforms already for sale.

Hint: Work your way up and you shall be rewarded.

Hunt info: